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Start Wallet Anti RFID Blocking

Start Wallet Anti RFID Blocking

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Advanced security for your cards

The anti-RFID Smart Wallet offers advanced security by protecting your cards against electronic identity theft. With RFID blocking technology, you can be assured that your sensitive information is safe, providing essential peace of mind in today's digital era.


Smart Card Management 

Simplify your daily life with Smart Wallet's intelligent card management. It offers easy access to your cards with its clever design. At the touch of a button, cards unfold for easy selection and use, unlike traditional wallets.


the right choice

By choosing our anti-RFID Smart Wallet, you're signing up for a modern accessory that combines security, functionality and stylish design. It's a smart choice for simplifying your life while protecting your personal information in an increasingly connected world.



Material: metal; PU
size : 9.5*6 cm
anti-theft card swiping

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